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Be more green!

The responsibility for greener choices and protecting the environment is one which we take seriously, and which we also encourage our clients and partners to factor into their business plans where they can.

Environmental issues are no longer a fringe issue, and we know how important it is to make sustainable, ethical choices to protect the people we work with, the world we inhabit, and the future we are leaving for both.

Be conscious of your global impact.

Energy usage, travel, shipping, next day delivery and single use plastics are all huge parts of business in the modern world. The impact of these as single acts may be minimal – but when you scale that up to meet your needs company wide, and the daily small impacts each team member has, the damage can be significant.

Be conscious day to day, remembering small things which save energy, whether travelling to meetings is necessary in the digital age, whether your office could have a coffee machine or water filter to reduce the team’s use of single use coffee cups or bottled water from external sources.

The pandemic has taught us is that many people are just as productive (if not more so) working remotely and meeting virtually – so the cost, impact and unpredictability of travel aren’t so necessary. When you do return to full capacity in-office, consider car pooling programmes for team members to reduce emissions in the commute.

Covid 19 – with the enforced reduction in travel, transport and energy usage, has seen the biggest drop in CO2 emissions in over a century, and is the biggest global event to positively impact climate change in living memory.

Offset your carbon emissions where possible – it’s so easy to do!

There are now so many companies that will help you offset your carbon emissions – they cover everything from flights to office buildings and pretty much everything in between.  offset projects are reducing these emissions in developing and emerging countries. The projects meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).

myclimate projects not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also contribute to the social, ecological and economic development in the region.

For the flights; you enter your flight details and it calculates the emissions for you and gives you various options to offset.

For a return flight to Gran Canaria from London – the cost to offset is £24 per person! You can also choose which projects it goes towards.

Pool resources and collaborate with others. 

Look at your production or supply for customers; if you are making or delivering to order, be it a product or service, the economics can quickly add up to a costly process.

Merging processes for multiple clients, for supply chains and shipping, could not only save time in the long run, it’s also likely to save money and significantly reduce energy usage and the investment of working hours.

Incentivise green choices.

Reward those members of the team who reduce waste and set targets for alternative solutions in your offices. Take steps towards paperless working; in many situations, printed communications or materials simply aren’t necessary when there’s a digital alternative – which is not only greener, but less likely to be lost or damaged, and is far quicker than printed options.

If we all make small changes and encourage our employers to do better we will achieve the impossible!



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Written by Gaelle Janin


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