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Want to Get More Involved in the DevOps Community? Here’s What London DevOps Can Offer You

Whether it’s hosting the event, giving a talk, or simply coming along, we think that getting involved with the London DevOps meetups is the place to be to network with like-minded individuals.

Each event covers an array of fascinating DevOps talks, from war stories to cultural transformations, all conducted by highly notable speakers in the industry. If you are actively involved in the DevOps community, London DevOps is a must.

What are the Benefits of Hosting an Event?

If you’re considering hosting a meetup at your office, it will give your company exposure to over 8,000 members with typically 50-100 people attending each event. You are able to introduce your company, its culture and technology, allowing you to promote your company/product. You can also give the obligatory ‘we’re hiring’ announcement as it isn’t uncommon for direct hires to be made at events. It’s a great opportunity to promote your company and advertise your cultural processes. Great chance to give out some goodies too – who doesn’t love a freebie!

You and your team will be able to take advantage of free training plus, all the content is recorded (uploaded to YouTube) so it can then be promoted and shared among other companies and reach further audiences.

Some of the companies who have hosted London DevOps meetups in the past include:

Benefits of Giving a Talk:

If you are a DevOps Engineer or Manager, offering to give a talk would give you the opportunity to gain fantastic individual exposure to a large audience, demonstrate your company/product (no sales pitches though please! 😊) and share your experiences. 

You can meet with professionals in the industry and network during the meetup while also solidifying your status as a DevOps evangelist. Again you will have access to the recordings so you can share your talk with others and promote yourself as a subject-matter expert.

As a host what will you have to do?

London DevOps will assist you in every way that it can, but it is helpful if the hosts are able to prepare the room; availability of projector/screen(s) to plug into with preferably HDMI link, assist with the seating plan. Provide refreshments (typically pizza and beer but healthy alternatives are welcomed) – if your budget is restricted, we can explore options via our sponsor network. And finally, to tidy up at the end of the event. 

The format of the meetup involves three speakers usually, allowing for 30-40 minutes each. This isn’t strictly set-in stone as we often mix up the event, sometimes only having two extended talks or alternatively shorter ‘lightening talks’ or potentially a group panel session. But typically, we follow: 

• 18.00-18:30 Arrival & Networking (Drinks on arrival)
• 18:50 Introductions from the Organisers
• 19:00 First talk
• 19:30 Second Talk
• 20:00 Third Talk
• 20:30 Networking & Pizza and more drinks

We typically have around 50-100 attendees. Once or twice a year we try to have a capacity of 200-300 as part of a larger event. Since the pandemic, we have also been livestreaming our events online, which we still aim to do during in-person meetings. You will have access to the list of attendees the day before the event and we will make sure we note who has attended on the night.

If you’re interested in attending a London DevOps meetup event, register here now!

To get in Touch with the organisers:

Alex Dover – Prism Digital
Marc Cluet – HashiCorp
Matt Saunders – Adaptavist
Jack Moore – WeShape

London DevOps is Sponsored by:

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