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WinOps Recruitment Agencies London 2020 – WinOps Recruiters Guide

WinOps Recruitment Agencies London 2020 – WinOps Recruiters Guide

WinOps is a portmanteau of “Windows” and “DevOps” is a term used referring to the cultural movement of DevOps practices for a Microsoft-centric view and like DevOps – it emphasises the use of the cloudautomation and integrating development and IT operations into one fluid method on the Windows platform (wikipedia)

Here at Prism we take pride in being a specialist provider of talent to high growth teams and startups building out developer operations teams and in team of other highly specialised technical skillsets.

So as there’s been a spike in IT recruitment during Corona, we thought we’d take a little time out to highlight other specialist cloud recruiters we respect specialising in developer operations (yes, even competitors) and other closely related technical areas such as WinOps , we are a firm believer that boutiques have the edge over larger generalists so let’s take a look at some of the leading boutique specialists in the rapidly growing DevOps space.

1. Prism Digital

OK, – and apologies for the hustle – but we do have to include ourselves Prism Digital in the DevOps consultant category of our best WinOps recruitment agencies London guide as, we believe, our London network of industry professionals with dev skills, software engineers (specialist and platform agnostic), job candidates and clients are at the forefront of the implementation of development culture for high growth teams and startups.

So if you are looking to improve your DevOps team and, of course, on the flip side we are a great start for candidates looking for a new job role in this area, then do get in touch

Specialisms: Site reliability, full stack, senior and junior DevOps engineers, open source, it job roles permanent and contract, high quality software engineers, linux, team head roles

Click the link to contact Prism or you can email us on or call us now on 020 3800 1234


As DevOps and WinOps are similar we also specialise in providing WinOps developers into great teams but, not wanting to be repetitive we’ll skip straight into other great specialists as you can always contact us here

2. Coltech Consulting

Coltech Recruitment has formed with the vision to provide clients and candidates with high quality, low-stress service.

As a company, their passion is bringing the right candidates and clients together in the most cost and time-effective way.

Coltech has a combined 20+ years working in the Microsoft market and plan to be the go-to agency for all Microsoft recruitment across the UK. The Vision behind Coltech is to build an agency with customer care at its heart.

Coltech aims to be the go-to agency for all our partners. Whether the requirement is short term or building a full team, Coltech will give the same care  and dedication to each and every partner and their belief is that long term relationships will always deliver the best results.

3. Noir Consulting

Whether you are a savvy developer seeking career growth, or a hiring manager searching for top talent, it is vital you partner with a recruitment agency that operates within the community in which you operate.

And that’s why, since 2005, Noir Consulting have been serving the Microsoft community, helping end user clients and partners engage the best permanent and contract Microsoft candidates.

Their long history has allowed them to build a network of great candidates and develop trusted partnerships.

4. eSynergy

eSynergy specialise in delivering software engineering teams and projects related to DevOps Transformation, Cloud Computing and Data Engineering.

We hope you like our guide to the best WinOps recruiters London guide and also other great IT recruiters in similar specialist categories including our DevOps recruitment agencies, AWS recruiters and Cloud recruitment agencies guides. Do check back as we intend to add to this guide very shortly!

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Written by Alex Dover


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