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What do Tech Professionals Look for in an Employer?

It’s crucial for your company to employ top tech talent, however tech professionals are very much aware that they’re in high demand. Since the pandemic, the modern workplace and the requirements of employees has shifted; more are working from home. Technology is constantly updating, and more employers are investing in tech in order to create further efficiency in their company. The increasing need for tech professionals has made competition tougher for recruiters. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you are meeting the employee’s needs to stand out from the crowd.

Reduce it down to your standard interview questions; ‘why should they choose your company over others?’ and ‘how can you contribute to their individual success?’ The employee will want to engage in a role that expands their knowledge and skills. Prioritising training and coaching for technology can ensure their learning and development needs are being met. Tech professionals will search for a company with an updated technical stack, no one is going to get excited about out-dated systems!

Developers love challenges, many want to be stimulated in their work and are attracted to a new exciting role. List some of the challenges they may need to solve within the business and keep a look out for a good tech professional who seems to be in a rut. 

Being listened to and encouraged by the company is important, so they feel confident in sharing ideas. They need to feel their work is appreciated. According to Harvard Business review, employees said they wanted to be measured on the value of work they produce rather than the volume. 86% said that they would prefer to work for a company that places outcome above output. The company needs to look attractive to the candidate; the employees endeavour is to be in a diverse, safe, and welcoming environment.

Knowing they are looked out for in terms of support is key and being paid fairly. IT professionals said that salary made up 49% of their decision when offered a job. Having strong leadership is important. They’ll want to be involved and to be given opportunities, build a strong relationship with the employee. Also sharing the values of your company will let the candidate see if theirs align. If they feel strongly about your values then they’ll work confidently knowing they’re contributing to the organisation’s mission, their daily work will be part of the company’s end goal.

Since remote working became a global norm, flexibility in location is statistically the most requested attribute of a company. Harvard business review also says, 88% of workers claim that when searching for a new position they will look for one that offers flexibility in their hours and location. A healthy work-life balance is understandably important to all employees, as they have their own separate goals and challenges. People often request to have paid time off and the option to work from home. Most would happily take a lower salary in return for more work flexibility. Ensuring that you provide these options could be the difference between being successful in taking on the candidate or not.

Your benefits package can be very important, employees care about the perks that come with the role. Take a look at some of the innovative benefits that many of Prism Digital’s clients are currently using to attract the best talent in the market.

The past two years have permanently changed the way tech professionals and other employees view their approach to work. In order to recruit the best tech professionals, companies must understand their priorities and take on board their requirements.

If you’re looking to improve candidate attraction within your business or are on the lookout for the best tech talent in the market; give Prism Digital a call on 0203 800 1234. We are always happy to help!

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