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What is AWS? – A review of AWS and Cloud Computing

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What is AWS? – A review of AWS and Cloud Computing

One lesson we have all learned through 2020 is that no amount of forward planning can prepare you for everything — and the impact of a global pandemic is going to be felt across every industry for years to come, as we all adjust to new ways of working and adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers and employees.

Though we know that the future of technology and DevOps is ever changing, and that significant changes can be forced by global circumstances, one thing we do predict is that home or distance working will be more widely accepted in most professions, meaning that companies are going to be investing significantly in their digital and networking capabilities, and in the skills of their development specialists.

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Is the future of cloud AWS?

what is aws
what is AWS ?

A hot topic regularly discussed is “Is the future of cloud in AWS”? How important are these skills for future-proofing your team, and is this an area which will continue to grow in importance, or will other technologies increase their market share?

Market Leader?

Recent figures show that AWS have 32.4% of the cloud computing market (the second biggest figure was Azure, at just 17.6%, to give a clearer idea of how immense that is). And as Amazon continue to grow, investing heavily in this area of their business model, it’s looking likely that this will only increase from there. Just to give some context, Amazon R&D annual investment has grown dramatically from $1.7B in 2010 to roughly $23B in 2019, surpassing giants like Alphabet (Google also increased its R&D spending at a similar rate), MicrosoftIntel and Apple. And with an overall spend of over £107 billion on cloud infrastructure in 2019 — we would expect to see further growth expedited in 2020.

With cloud-based developments being the ever-changing landscape that it is, it is important to consider differentiators and what areas people will be looking to develop. Moving forward it is predicted that the key differentiators will include Artificial Intelligence, analytics, IoT, and edge computing, all of which we have seen AWS leading the market with market share since being early adopters.

What’s Next for Cloud Computing?

Andy Jassy, AWS CEO has been quoted as saying they have ‘very ambitious plans to keep on top’. And with a dramatic shift in July 2020 have announced the general availability of AWS IoT SiteWise. This is a “managed service that makes it easy to collect data from your industrial equipment, model your physical assets, processes and facilities, quickly compute common industrial performance metrics, and create fully managed web applications to help analyse industrial equipment data, prevent costly equipment issues, and reduce production inefficiencies.” Data is the name of the game moving forward and shifts to keep up with the trends are vastly reflecting security of this information.

What is AWS?

They also recently launched their Secrets Manager, which allows you to “retrieve and manage secrets such as database credentials and API keys throughout their lifecycle.” Trends such a data encryption are crucial during times when big brands are constantly announcing they are finding data breaches or are not completely cyber secure.

A new service they recently implemented is Amazon AppFlow. It’s a fully managed “integration service that enables customers to securely transfer data between AWS services and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in just a few clicks”. You can find more about what they are up to with one of their summits, which range in topics from products or services, development, to even financial services.

Google Cloud Player is also making tremendous changes to their data, with their predicted shift of the cloud moving to private encrypted servers. They are adapting to this with a new trend of ultra-secure “confidential computing” which secures the data while it is being processed.

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Given the predicted spend in the Cloud based development sector in 2020 alongside the obvious continued development and investment from Amazon in AWS we think that this is one of the clear continued market leaders.

With that in mind it would be churlish of any development team to fail to factor these skills into your recruitment plans. Bringing skilled individuals into your team, protecting your organisation from falling behind the skillset needed to keep up with a very quick moving market, is vital — and, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the way that businesses operate, cloud computing has taken an enormous leap in popularity. This means that many of our clients are looking to grow their team, to meet the increased needs of their market.

How Can We Help?

The best way to ensure that your team is made up of the most talented, skilled people available is to invest in the skilled experience of recruitment professionals who have niche industry insight; who understand the market, have their finger on the pulse of the industry, and who already have an established relationship with the most talented professionals, who might just be the perfect fit for your team.

Not only do our consultants have years of experience and expertise in this specific industry, we also stand apart from our competitors by providing placements with complimentary training and certification, typically in the public cloud space, to ensure that we are positioning people who future proof your organisation, with the most up to date qualifications and understanding of the cloud computing environment available.

We strive to stay one step ahead of the changes in the industry, and to maintain relationships with the most talented jobseekers to continue their growth and development, and the benefits of that growth on the teams they join.

A recruitment strategy which takes advantage of this kind of investment and commitment to growth and development, and expertise specifically in the growth of DevOps and cloud computing, means that your organisation is best positioned to meet your client needs, and ready to grow.

We hope you liked our article on what is AWS? Call our team on 020 3800 1234 to find out how we can support your growth and bring the most skilled people to your team.

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